A band that’s been getting better and better every time I see them is Icarus Lives. The young quintet kept the party going with their own brand of heavy music. Female-fronted metal bands are sadly few and far between and I was concerned we wouldn’t get to see them this time around with the departure of Sara Alexandra. But stand in vocalist Aria Scarlett was more than up to the task, her haunting delivery giving way to stratospheric falsettos being enough to send chills down this reviewer’s spine.” - Gareth Williams

Wall Of Sound

Stormrider 2021 (Isabella Haubrich Photography)

Icarus Lives are a melodic metal band from Western Australia. They are about to release their new single entitled Collision Of Counterparts. I have been lucky enough to get a pre release listen. The song opens up with a short intro before mid paced double bass push the song forward. A melodic lead atop just adds to the great start to this song. Sara's voice is something a bit different from the usual female metal vocals we are used to hearing in the current era. No growls, no Doro style or operatic vocals here. Sara has a voice more reminiscent of an alt rock singer and it is great to hear. It gives Icarus Lives a unique sound. There are some harsh background vocals by bassist Chris that remind me of mid era Frankenbok. His bass work is simple but effective for this song. There is quite a bit of variation on the drums. Double bass, a heavy breakdown and a nice calm section. The main guitar melody got me instantly hooked, and guitarists Cameron and Cohen pull out some amazing but melodic shredding in the latter half of the song. If the upcoming music is as good as this and their album Vantablack, then they will have some happy old fans and a lot of new ones. Keep an ear out for them in the future.”

— Brendo Smith (Muso Legion Facebook Group)

Icarus Lives Collision of Counterparts is the brand new single soon to be released on November 20. Well this new song is without a doubt their catchiest yet, with a big magnificent hook. The combination of crunch and gallop in the rhythm I really like and I hear a real progression in their sound. Cam’s solo is pure joy and shows just how talented this guitarist is, the solo fits perfectly with the song but also adds that extra class and sparkle. A catchy chorus with some background growls to support Sara’s clean singing. The recognizable artillery of Naomi on drums gives the song it’s heaviness and drive, something that seems to have been dialed up a few levels on this single, which I particularly enjoyed. This is an excellent song and will replace Memoirs of a Hooker as my favourite Icarus Lives song for sure. This has the makings of a real crowd pleaser and perhaps ultimately a signature live song of theirs Brilliant highly enjoyable song”

— Chris Rankin

Art by Gruesome Graphics

Smeared in black war paint Perth locals Icarus Lives came to rock. The five-piece had the honour of opening the first ever PAIN tour of Australia. They didn’t disappoint. Heavy as fuck guitars with a pounding rhythm section lead on vocals by Sara Murray, Icarus Lives entertained the early punters. Kicking things off for a band like PAIN is a big ask. The Perth young guns were more than up to the task, tearing through an all too short set of heavy tunes off their debut album Vantablack. I wasn’t the only one left impressed.”

Gareth Williams

Pain Australian Tour Perth @ Badlands Bar

The Enigma Bar crowd is gradually building up still when Icarus Lives rumble to life. Featuring dual female attack, hauntingly beautiful vocals to the destructive punishment behind the drum kit. This is when I had a fanboy moment, a young band hailing from Perth with a massive future ahead of them, being a relatively unknown band in SA I was unaware of what was to come. The feeling of awe swept over me once they began, such power and potency. The vocals were complimented with a death metal inspired growl. The precision of the guitar work was a sight to behold, but the biggest highlight was witnessing the absolute crushing drumming, this young lady has the chops to give any one a run for their money. A bruising show and I’m feeling very happy right now to have seen the future of heavy music.”

Adrian 'Dren' Barham

Metal United Down Under Adelaide 2017