Well this new song is without a doubt their catchiest yet, with a big magnificent hook. The combination of crunch and gallop in the rhythm I really like and I hear a real progression in their sound. Cam’s solo is pure joy and shows just how talented this guitarist is, the solo fits perfectly with the song but also adds that extra class and sparkle. A catchy chorus with some background growls to support Sara’s clean singing. The recognizable artillery of Naomi on drums gives the song it’s heaviness and drive, something that seems to have been dialed up a few levels on this single, which I particularly enjoyed. This is an excellent song and will replace Memoirs of a Hooker as my favourite Icarus Lives song for sure. This has the makings of a real crowd pleaser and perhaps ultimately a signature live song of theirs Brilliant highly enjoyable song.


Verse 1
Energy is buzzing inside
Fire is keeping me alive
The smoke, it burns my eyes
but I won’t move away

My weights are heavy, but your lift is stronger
Balloon over heat, you’re making me hover
Alone, I can’t live any longer
but here you are to stay

Pre Chorus
(No strength)
(No power)
I can’t live without half of me

Pins and needles, not sharp without you
Pen and paper, can’t create without two.
We may be one and we may be two
but it seems that I can’t survive without you

Verse 2
Alone I float to high
To close to the sun, it burns my skin
Without you I tear houses down
My fire, it burns from within

My embers are bright but your waters soothing
I fly up, but you’re the earth to ground me
Without you I can’t slow down
The fallout, we’ll all drown


I kept fighting but its not use
I kept running but here you are
I kept trying to be alone
but you complete my soul, collision of counterparts

Chorus x2